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    COMP Cams® now offers a quality yet inexpensive alternative to hard-to-find traditional iron flat tappet lifters for the common early small-block and big-block engines....(283, 327, 400, 396, 454 and others).

    The new High Energy™ Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) Coated Flat Tappet Lifters maintain the excellent hydraulic performance that the High Energy Hydraulic Lifters have provided for many years. They perform just as well mechanically but with the added benefit of a DLC surface treatment, producing a flat tappet lifter with an extremely hard, tough, and slick face that reduces friction at the cam lobe. This coating extends the life of the lifter and camshaft, significantly reducing the likelihood of a flattened cam lobe. Due to its high lubricity and wear resistance, DLC virtually eliminates the need for the traditional break-in procedure associated with cast-iron camshafts and flat tappet lifters. DLC-coated lifters are compatible with all steel and cast-iron camshafts and have been durability tested on a Spintron simulating an entire racing season with outstanding results.

    Features & Benefits:

    • DLC: Diamond-Like Carbon
    • Wear-Resistant
    • High Lubricity
    • Compatible with all cast-iron and steel camshafts
    • Outstanding performance in Spintron durability testing

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